Search Engine Optimisation

With clever use of keywords, page titles and content text we can get your website high up on the search engines, website optimisation doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

When Google searches it looks for your search words in the following order:

  1. Website Address
    If you haven't already purchased your domain, think about including a keyword in the address, i.e. includes the important search keyword 'websites'.
  2. Page Title of Homepage
    (this appears in the title bar of the window of your browser) - this can be about 16 words, (e.g. Leopard Websites is: Leopard Website Design - London website design, graphic design, website management, logo design).

    page title
  3. Description of Homepage
    (this is the paragraph which appears below the link in the Google search page) - this should be a short paragraph. (e.g. Leopard Websites is: Affordable website design and corporate branding based in London. Dynamic websites, CMS, logo designs, image enhancement, web hosting, print collateral...)

  4. Content of your Site
    the actual text content of your site which of course is totally up to you and any words or phrases can be repeated as many times as you want. So bear this in mind when you write your content as the more 'keywords' you use, the better.